Can gas cause chest pain?

Gas, it is said, can cause intolerable pain in the abdominal area. As this pain moves towards the chest area, the real problem begins. It is always difficult to bear with any kind of pain, and when it pains in the chest it is most discomforting. Can gas cause chest pain? Why this pain comes about? How can you handle it and how can you get relief. If these are the questions, you are seeking answers for, then the following paragraphs will surely be of great help.

Gas chest pain – causes and symptoms

gas chest pain 300x222 Can gas cause chest pain?Chest pain can occur due to various reasons. If it is due to gas it will begin as a normal abdominal pain. As there is too much of gas build up in the abdomen and its quantity keep on increasing, it fails to fit in the abdominal limited space and thus starts moving up towards the chest region. As it travels down towards the chest, it starts stretching the esophagus muscles as well as the nerve endings. This consequently results in discomfort and pain.

Yet another factor that can cause pain the chest due to gas is irritable bowel syndrome. If a person is suffering from the problem of irritable bowel syndrome it can cause indigestion and thus gas is produced. This can then cause chest and abdominal pain.

The symptoms of gas chest pain include stiffness in the chest, a feeling of pain when trying to breathe in and when the chest region is touched. One can also suffer from back pain followed by a sense of fullness and bloating.

How to get relief from chest pain caused due to gas

To get relief from pain resulting from gas one has to follow methods that will help eliminate the problem of gas itself. Once you eliminate the problem of gas, you automatically will get relieved from the pain. Below are mentioned some ways which you can follow to get rid of abdominal gas and thus also get rid of the chest pain.

Drink some warm water, at least a glass. Warm water improves digestion and also builds pressure. Thus makes passing motions easier. This in turn will help you get relief from gas pain.

relief from chest pain 300x197 Can gas cause chest pain?Take a teaspoon fenugreek seeds and bite on them till its juices start flowing. Now, drink some water and swallow the seeds with it. This will help eliminate gas buildup and thus give you relief from pain.

Twisting the body or spot jogging proves to be very helpful.

Lie on your side keeping one leg bends at the knees, and the other leg straight. This position will add lots of pressure on your stomach and consequently eliminate gas builds up.

To get relief from the pain in your chest due to gas you can grate some ginger, add 2-3 drops of lemon, chew it and swallow.

Mix some ginger, black salt and carom seeds and consume it.

Boil a glass of milk along with 4-5 pods of garlic and eat the pods with the milk.

Can gas cause chest pain? This question is surely answered, and now you also know some of the easiest way to get relief from this pain. So, the next time you suffer from gas pain in your chest you exactly know how to handle it.

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