Top 8 causes for lower right back pain

August 4, 2013

In a modern world where many people have to sit down when doing their job, either because there working at a call center or maybe they’re a truck driver, this will eventually lead to lower back pain. However, many people will also experience lower right back pain, especially if they’re right handed and use their right hand to lift and \ or carry heavy things. With that in mind, the article below will focus on letting everyone know more about what causes this type of pain and what they need to do about it.

1. Sleeping Positions

For those who sleep on their right side there have been quite a few studies showing that certain types of sleeping positions will eventually cause lower back pain on the right side. To cut things short, there are basically many activities in one’s life that could lead him or her to suffering from lower back pain on the right side, but there’s a missing link in the equation.

For example, someone schlepped their mother in law’s large purse on their right shoulder and as a consequence, they are experiencing an isolated pain in their lower back. It could be that carrying that heavy purse may have been the trigger for the pain, but there might be something else happening inside one’s body that’s causing the pain. So that is why individuals will need to go to the hospital and get a scan to see whether there’s something wrong with their vertebrae.

2. Common causes for lower right back pain: Herniated or slipped disc

Most of the times people will get to suffer from lower right back pain because they have a herniated disc. To put it in simple terms, a herniated disc occurs when people carry heavy objects improperly or as a result of spinal injury from work or accidents. Diseases, compression and sudden movements may all lead to the disc slipping. As a result, the disc will affect the nerve which is connected to the lower side of the back. There are cases when the pain may go down the leg and if this is the case, then individuals will need to see a neurologist for treatment. While medical fitness will most of the times be the solution for alleviating the pain by strengthening the back muscles, in the more severe cases, surgery may be required.

causes for lower right back pain

3. Lumbar Strain

Another reason to why individuals may experience lower right back pain is because of a muscle strain or a lumbar strain (which is the same thing). The same reasons to why people get a herniated disc are the same ones that may cause a lumbar strain (compression, sudden movement). While typical muscle strains in this area are described by microscopic tears, the amounts of pain they can cause are unbelievable and that is why they require extensive treatment and physical therapy.

4. Quadratus Lumborum Issues 

While the name might sound like it’s something extremely complicated, it’s not and the Latin term refers to the muscle that allows people to move their spine from one side to the other. This muscle provides people with great posture (among other things) by working together with a series of other muscles, but in some cases it can get knotted. Individuals may not feel it right away, because pain will only be felt when the Quadratus Lumborum experiences stress or pressure. However, it seems that in order to avoid this pain and also to alleviate it, people should just stretch from time to time, especially if they sit down a lot.

5. Sacroiliac Joint Issues 

These joints can be found between one’s spine and hips and in order for them to be maintained in good health, individuals need to exercise and avoid as much as possible having a sedentary lifestyle. If there’s little movement, then these joints will lock, but if there’s too much movement, they will be sprained. Most of the times people will experience lower right back pain when the Sacroiliac joints will be injured.

6. Sciatica 

The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the human body and it runs from the lower back and down into the feet. Most of the times it’s the elderly who suffer from sciatica pain and this occurs when the sciatic nerves are compromised. Even though it will happen in many different ways, in the majority of cases it’s because of a herniated disc. Understanding where the pain comes from is simple, because when the sciatic nerves get compressed, this will immediately lead to discomfort for the person and of course, lower right back pain. The pain will also be felt in the thighs and also legs.

7. Kidney Issues

Even if some people will find it hard to believe, their kidneys can cause them to experience lower right back pain. Kidney stones and kidney infections can cause the organs on the right side to become inflamed and swell. Those who suffer from kidney inflammation will experience a certain amount of discomfort and in an attempt to alleviate it, they’ll adjust their posture improperly. However, this will only lead to an increased amount of stress on their lower back and naturally, more pain.

8. Appendicitis

Another reason to why people may experience lower right back pain is because of appendicitis. It’s recommended that any signs of appendicitis are taken very seriously, because it can lead to internal poisoning and in some cases, death. For those who have reason to believe that this is the reason to why they’re experiencing pain on their lower right side, they should rush to the hospital immediately.


These are the most common reasons to why people experience lower right back pain, but there are certainly many other. But to make it clear, people should know that pain in the lower right side of their back will generally be caused by strain on the ligaments and muscles in that region. This means that every physical activity individuals consider, may be a potential causal effect for pain on their lower right side.

With that being said, those who suffer from this type of pain are recommended to see their doctor as soon as possible and see what can be done to alleviate it. Taking timely action can defer more severe problems from occurring in the future!

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