Chest Pain Right Side

Chest pain right side is a discomfort or pain that you feel between your neck and upper abdomen.Usually people who feel chest pains connect this pain with a hearth attack; however, they should be aware that this discomfort can be triggered by many other health conditions. The important fact to know is that the chest pain regardless of its location should not be ignored. In case it is located in the left side, people might have some cardiac problems, while if it is in the right side, some other serious conditions might be a reason for this.
If you are an elder individual feeling chest pain in your right side, you cannot disregard it, as it may be a result of life threatening condition that requires instant treatment.

The National Institutes of Health leaded a research according to which many people report to have problems with chest pain. The fact that our heart is located on the chest cavity’s left side makes people worried when they feel pain in this location. They think that it is a result of hearth problems, while they usually ignore the pain, if it is on the right side. However, the condition that causes this pain is not less dangerous, as it might be cause by angina, liver or gallbladder inflammation. For example, angina is associated with lack of blood flow, which causes a pain in the heart muscle.

Although the reason for this pain is not directly linked to cardiac issues, you might still have an underlying health condition that should be treated immediately.

There are many health issues that can cause chest pain in the right side. Here are some of them:

• The stomach lining inflammation also known as gastritis is typically a result of excessive alcohol consumption or fasting. It causes both chest and abdominal pain.
• Cold and flu that are a result of a viral infection also can cause chest pain, especially during the coughing and deep breathing.
• The lungs are surrounded by the pleural tissues, which might be inflamed and cause pain.
• If you have gallstones or especially gallbladder attacks, they will manifest themselves in chest pain particularly after fat food consumption.
• A chest pain can be a result of some digestive tract disorders too.
• Hepatitis or liver inflammation can cause a pain in the right side of the chest and the right shoulder. Another symptom is a pain in back and right rib cage. In order to diagnose this condition the doctor should conduct required medical tests.
• Another kind of inner inflammation that causes pancreas dysfunction can be also a reason for chest pain.
• You might have a right side chest pain due to recent injury too. If you have a minor displacement of your rib, this can cause this pain.
• Some chronic diseases such as gastroesophageal reflux disease or chronic antacid cause esophagus irritation and pain too.
• Tumors that might be located in the lungs or around them also cause pain in the right side.
• Leading a stressful life might cause a disorder of the digestive system and lead to pain too. Those who have problems in their family or relationship, or have too stressful job, might complain having such kind of pain.
• The pain might occur as a result of strenuous activities for chest muscles. They cause muscle soreness that are even more tangible when particular movements are made.
• Congestion caused by food blockage in the esophagus will also cause right side chest pain.

There might be some other symptoms that accompany right side chest pain. Such symptoms might be a burning sensation in the right side, acid reflux, painful breathing, difficulty in swallowing, as well as some pain in chests when you try to change your position.

Among the mentioned above reasons for right side chest pain is stress, which is quite common today due to the busy lifestyle of the modern society. As a result of the experienced stress, adrenaline is released by the adrenal glands. This on the other hand leads to increase in the blood pressure and heart rate, muscle contraction and alertness. The physical change may lead to chest pain.

Stress can also lead to hypertension and discomfort in the chest. It also can cause such diseases as acid reflux and anxiety, which is a permanent psychological state of fear and worry. This disorder causes symptoms like trembling, shortness or breathing discomfort, etc.

If you have problems related to stress and anxiety, your doctor will prescribe you required treatment to reduce the symptoms and pain too. In addition, there are some relaxation techniques you can implement to reduce your stress, which usually is a root cause of most medical conditions. Change your lifestyle by including daily exercises for at least 20 minutes a day. This is considered to be among the most effective stress busters. Other helpful techniques are meditation, yoga, massage and even healthy relationships.

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