What Are The Causes Of Colon Pain Left Side?

June 23, 2013

The health and fitness sector is very important to every individual living in the world.The health risks have greatly increased and therefore there has been the need of creating awareness to the people in order to enable them to adapt to healthy lives.In this essence,health professionals as well as the medical practitioners have worked tirelessly in order to help the masses acquire knowledge and also proper medical check ups.There are different healthy problems that one may suffer from such as the colon pain left side which requires proper medical treatment.

What is Colon Pain Left Side?

Colon Pain Left Side

This is a condition which is widespread and involves abdominal pain which is recurrent and may later cause bowel disease.It is usually a functional obstruction of the colon.It usually occurs on the lower left side of the abdomen.It gives signs of various health conditions such as gallstones,heartburn or colon cancer.It usually occurs as a sign of other health problems and therefore it is very important for one to seek proper medical treatment.

What Are The Causes Of Colon Pain Left Side?

There are various conditions that are known to cause the colon pain.The causes include:

Obstruction of the bowel:The pain may result from the bowel obstruction on the left side of the colon.This is a condition which is very serious and hence immediate medical check up very necessary to correct it.The condition may be accompanied by loose stool and vomiting.When the problem is not treated,one may experience certain complications such as serious infections which could lead to permanent damage.

Kidney Stones:As the pains originate from the left side of the abdomen,one may be suffering from kidney stones.The stones may be passing from the left kidney and hence one may experience sharp pain on the left of the colon.It is therefore very important for one to seek medical attention immediately to get treated.When kidney stones are not treated immediately,they are life threatening since the may later cause kidney failure.

Diverticulitis:This is a common disease especially in the elderly people which involves bulging of the pouch against the lining of the colon.The patient may as well experience bloating,nausea and constipation.The condition is treated through taking of foods that have lower fiber.It is also very important to seek medical attention for diagnosis.The pain usually occur from time to time and therefore it is easy for a person to know that he or she is experiencing some problem.

The colon pain left side is a condition that can be taken care of by medical practitioners immediately it takes place in order to avoid serious health conditions that are life threatening.One may assume the condition and later in life experience very tough times when suffering diseases such as colon cancer,kidney failure among others which result to death.It is therefore very important when the pain occurs to go to the local emergency room for diagnosis.

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