Cause of left side pain above hip

June 17, 2013

There can be more than one factors resulting to the left side pain above hip including nutritional deficiency, accidents, bursitis, hernias, irritable bowel syndrome and so on. Though it might not sound probable but pain in this area can also be related to your sciatic nerves, neck or shoulders. The nerves present in this region are very closely connected to the sciatic nerves. Moreover, the muscles in this region can get affected by muscle malfunctions in many parts of the body.

Cause of left side pain above hip

If the left side pain above hip is caused due to trauma or an accident it might include a fractured hip or a dislocated joint or hip. Older persons are more susceptible to a fractured hip if they happen to fall accidentally. Hip fractures in adults generally occur after the age of 65. If someone has experienced a fractured hip, surgery is the only way it can get treated, but it is not always successful, in particular with the elderly.

Yet another common cause for this pain is hip bursitis. Bursitis results in the bursa getting inflamed. Bursa is basically a sac filled with fluid present between the tendons and the bone. Spinal disease and arthritis might result in bursitis. If one is suffering from bursitis, he/she will likely suffer from a stinging pain which intensifies particularly at night.

The left side pain above hip can also be due to nutritional deficiency. Owing to this the tendons and muscles in this area can get weak and it also has an effect on the sciatic nerves. Sciatic nerve pain can be unbearable. If a hernia has developed in the groin area this too can lead to a pain above the hip. If the pain is due to hernia or nutritional deficiency it is easier to treat it than if it is a result of arthritic disease or a fractured hip.

The left side hip pain can also be caused due to non-hip oriented factors, and one such cause can be auto immune diseases like the Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) or the Crohn’s Disease. Though these diseases basically affect other areas of the body, the pain produced is such that can move up to or is present in the groin or hip area. There generally is no complete cure for this kind of diseases and they affect women more compared to men.

If you are suffering from left side pain above hip, there are certain treatments that will give you some relief. Using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs is the most common treatment opted to by many. If, however, they do not produce the desired results, steroids can be used to reduce the inflammation and thus ease the pain.

To diagnose this problem various tests may be required including MRI and X-rays. Some people might be suggested physical therapy, and some might be prescribed medications while others might be recommended a surgery. If you are suffering from regular pain at the left side above hip, you should consult your doctor without delay, and start following the treatment he/she advices without wasting any time. If this hip pain is neglected a slight pain can lead to an unbearable one, so get treated on time.

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