How To Manage Lower Abdomen Pain During Pregnancy

May 21, 2013

Occasional lower abdominal discomfort or pain during pregnancy is a normal occurrence when a woman is pregnant. Although this is normal, this pain can also be a sign of a serious problem, especially when it becomes severe and persistent and as such it should not be ignored. Abdominal discomfort during pregnancy is as a result of several things ranging from hormonal changes, the growth and development of the baby to other internal changes within the stomach.

The following is some causes of normal lower abdominal pain during pregnancy and how best to manage the pain.

The growing uterus
At the beginning of pregnancy, the uterus begins to grow. This is a normal occurrence and it sometimes causes nausea, distention of the belly or even sometimes you might feel full easily. In order to deal with this problem a mother is advised to eat small amount of meals more frequently, to get plenty of rest and to empty her bladder very often.

Round ligament pain
As the uterus enlarges, the two big ligaments found in the front of the uterus are pushed down into the grown. This causes some discomfort in the lower abdomen and may radiate into the grown. This pain usually starts in the second trimester and it resolves on its own.

Buxton Hick’s contractions
These contractions are sometimes caused by dehydration. Sometimes it can be mistaken for premature labor which it is not. You are advised to take plenty of fluids during pregnancy to avoid these contractions. However, it should be noted that when these contractions are persistent it good to visit your ob-gyn.

Tips on manage your lower abdomen pain during pregnancy

pain during pregnancy

Eat small amounts of food frequently
By eating small amounts of food, you will avoid situations where your stomach feels full and constant bloating of the stomach. On top of that it will ensure that your body has enough energy to carry out it functions normally without harming the developing fetus.

Exercise regularly but in moderation even in pregnancy, exercises are very helpful, but they should be carried out in moderation. Exercises help in ensuring that the mother stays healthy and it also improves blood circulation. Some of the recommended exercises include taking a walk on a daily basis or even doing some domestic chores.

Drink plenty of water
It is very important for a pregnant woman to drink plenty of fluids. This is because she needs enough water to help in digestion and also balance the metabolism actions in the body. Water also helps in ensuring that toxins are removed from the mother’s system.

It is very important that a pregnant woman gets plenty of rest on a regular basis. Rest helps in ensuring that the mother is not fatigued and the developing baby is given an ideal atmosphere to develop and grow. On top of that rest also gives the mother a chance to relax her body.

Empty your bladder as frequently as possible
When pregnant a woman always gets that urge to relieve her bladder more often than usual. It is good to empty your balder every time you feel to do so as this will help in ensuring that you don’t experience pain from your bladder.

In summary, lower abdominal pain during pregnancy is a usual occurrence during pregnancy but when the pain persists it is good to seek medical attention as fast as possible as this might be an indication of another big problem.

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