How to Get Rid of Lower Back Spasms?

May 10, 2013

Back pains are always a tough problem to deal with, as they make it difficult for you to even sleep or it properly without pain. But lower back spasms are even more troublesome. The primary reason for the back spasm is that your muscled get inflammation due to overwork or any other damage. This inflammation results in the stimulation of nerves, which causes the muscles to contract and tighten. But there are several ways with which you can treat this disease easily.

Lower Back Spasm Causes

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Steps to Get Rid of Lower Back Spasms

Lower Back Spasm

1. Avoid Stress Activity for Back
You should not take complete bed rest, but must avoid any type of activity that puts strain on your back. These activities include avoiding any type of heavy lifting and some exercises. Take complete rest at the night time. In case of too much pain, you can opt for complete back rest for 1-2 days but any more inactivity after this time can be actually harmful for you.

2. Use Ice Packs
You should apply ice packs to your back, when you start experiencing the back spasm pains. Use of ice packs will help in reducing the inflammation caused due to spasms. But you must remember to use a thin barrier of nylon or some t-shirt between the ice pack and body. The best way is to apply these icepacks for 20 minutes in every 20 minute interval, repeat this process for first 2 to 3 days.

3. Using Mild heat
After 3 days, you should start to apply heat on the affected area. You should not apply to intense heat, but only mild heat like taking a hot water shower, sitting in a hot bath tub or using damp heating pads. Heat increases blood circulation, thereby increasing the flow of healthy blood cells into that area and resulting in the relaxation of nerves and muscle fibers. It is better to apply heat before starting any stretching exercises.

4. Hydrotherapy
You can use this therapy to reduce the pain in cases of Lower Back Spasms effectively. While in the shower use the hot water on the affected area for 2-3 minutes and then immediately use cold water for 30 seconds. Repeat this process till the time, pain is reduced in that area.

5. Drink More Fluids
Back spasms are caused due to loss of electrolyte and dehydration; it is wise to increase the water consumption. But you must avoid this procedure if you are recovering from some type of fever or if you are feeling like vomiting.

6. Do Stretching Exercises

Once the pain of the  back spasms is eased and the inflammation is reduced you should brace yourself for doing some stretching exercises. These stretching exercises have many benefits. Firstly it helps in the relaxation of the muscle fibers and therefore reducing pain in back spasm. Secondly, they are the best way to prepare your muscles for further exercises.

Lower back spasms can be easily treated by following these above steps in your home. But if after following these steps properly, you don’t get the desired result and the pain doesn’t reduce, it’s better to consult a medical expert.

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