Pain in Left Side When Coughing

July 11, 2013

If you have been experiencing pain in left side when coughing, you need to read on. This article will look at this condition in depth. The symptoms usually indicate various problems. Since most of your important organs are located on the left side of the body, it is necessary to get more knowledge. This way, you will know when you should seek help.

Symptoms of Pain In Left Side When Coughing

This condition has such common symptoms as:

- Chest pain in the left side

- Left abdominal pain

- Aches and pain, headache, sore throat, chill, low- grade fever and fatigue

- Burning sensation while urinating

- Yellow eyes and skin

- Loss of appetite

- Shortness of breath

- Deformity of the rib cage

- Pain in the left arm, jaw, neck and/ or shoulder blades

Diagnosis of Pain In Left Side When Coughing

There are many reasons why you may feel pain on the left side of your body when you cough. The treatments also vary from prescription medications to simple remedies and major surgical operations. To diagnose the causes, you should use the following common diagnosis methods:

a) Physical examinations

b) Ultra sound scans

c) X-rays

d) Blood tests

e) Stool and urine tests

f) Endoscopies

Once you have determined the cause of the pain you feel while coughing, you can look for the best remedial action.

What Causes Pain in Left Side When Coughing?

If the pain grows in intensity and concentrates into a sharp, sudden discomfort, you should take the necessary steps to treat it. The symptoms can be skeletal or muscular in nature meaning that they are likely to crack your ribs and strain the abdominal muscles. Sometimes, proper rest and massage therapy can be combined with anti- pain and anti- inflammatory medications to deal with the condition.

However, as it turns out, this pain is often caused by serious conditions. For instance, your internal organs may get damaged. At other times, the pain is a symptom of other serious diseases.

When the ovaries, colon, urethra, kidneys and hear are damaged, you will feel pain on the left side when you cough. At other times, it is due to blockage in the large intestines.

The pain may also be a sign of cancer, diverticulitis, Crohn’s disease, cancer or ectopic pregnancy. Of course, it is quite scary. The good thing is that proper and early treatment and diagnosis is likely to cure the conditions. After that, you should not worry about pain in left side when coughing.

1. Cardiovascular Causes

Heart disease is another of the causes of this pain. Some of the conditions that are related to left- side pain while coughing include:

- Abdominal aortic aneurysm

- Thoracic aortic aneurysm

- Endocarditis

- Heart assault

- Aortic dissection

- Mitral valve prolapsed

- Congestive centre failure

- Coronary artery illness

2. Gynaecological Causes

This is the other cause of pain in left side when coughing. The female reproductive organs sometimes become contaminated, damaged or inflamed. The gyneacological reasons leading to this discomfort on the side include:

- Salinities

- Tubo- ovarian abscess

- Ovarian cysts

- Pregnancy associated issues

3. Gastrointestinal Causes

Sometimes the pain in the left side is caused by:

- Bowel congestion

- Gall bladder problems

- Ruptured spleen

- Food poisoning

- Flatulence

- Appendicitis

- Liver problems

- Crohn’s illness

- Irritable intestinal syndrome

- Diverticulitis

- Pancreatic cancers

4. Pain Due to the Lungs

At times, the lungs can localize pain in the left side of your body when you cough. This is because they extend to the chest and lower. This often happens to asthmatic people after they play intense sports.

5. Other Common Reasons

If you raise heavy objects irregularly, you will feel pain when you cough. The following also cause this pain:

- Exercise

- Muscle spasm

- Fibromyalgia

- Neuritis

- Shingles

- Hernia

- Seminal vesiculitis

Treating Pain in Left Side When Coughing

a) Seek Medical Attention

Sometimes, the pain in left side when coughing may be due to a serious underlying condition. Your doctor will help you diagnose the causes of the pain.

b) Adjust Your Lifestyle

Change your lifestyle if these pains become too common. Develop a proper exercise regimen, eat healthier foods and cut out alcohol and tobacco.

Overall, although this looks like a simple ailment, it may turn worse unless you seek proper medical attention. Always go for checkups if you experience pain in left side when coughing.

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