All you need to know about pain on left side of throat

April 7, 2013

Have you ever experienced pain on left side of throat especially when swallowing food? Do you know what causes this pain and how it can be prevented? Well, worry no more because this article is a complete presentation of all you need to know about that pain which you feel on the left side of your throat.

To begin with, it is essential to state that your throat, like all other body parts, is an important organ which is part of the digestive system and plays an integral role in the digestion of food by controlling saliva and allowing you to swallow food. On the other hand, it helps to control speech and prevents unwanted substances from going down your system. Clearly, it is an important organ which should work without any form of pain as several key body processes may be affected.

throat pain

Causes of pain in the left side of throat

The most common causes of such pain are viral and bacterial infections. So, the big question is; how does the throat get exposed to bacteria or viruses? The answer is quite simple; the food you eat, the water you drink or even the air you breathe. If you swallow contaminated food or drink water which is not fit for human consumption, or contains viruses and bacteria, chances are high that your throat will develop pain on the left side because it is the most susceptible to infections.

Besides bacteria and viruses, throat pain can also be caused by physical substances such as swallowing sharp objects accidentally or ingesting food which has hard substances. When these substances move down your throat, they can scratch or pierce it thereby causing pain.

Symptoms of throat pain

How do you know that your throat has been affected by one or all of the causes entailed above? Obviously, you will feel pain in the left side which is just but an accurate indicator of an infection. This is common when you have swallowed harmful substances or objects. However, the situation can be a little different when dealing with either bacteria or viral infections. This is because such infections don’t necessarily cause pain once they attack; rather they develop gradually causing pain in their later stages. In this case, you will experience enlarged lymph nodes or inflamed throat tissues which cause tonsils.

Other obvious symptoms of throat pain are the inability to talk freely, swallowing food and saliva with difficulty or having a general feeling of irritation around the left side of your throat.

Cure and Prevention of throat pain

Remedies for throat pain can be either natural or medical. Natural remedies revolve around what you can do at home to alleviate this pain without necessarily having to visit a physician. They include coating your throat with honey mixed with warm water and lemon or giggling a salty solution of water in your throat among others.

Medical remedies include visiting a physician or throat specialist who will then examine you and prescribe appropriate drugs to correct the problem.

Conclusively, you should always prevent pain on left side of the throat by eating clean and healthy food and generally being alert on the kind of substances which you swallow. Pain on your throat can be an indicator of more devastating infections such as throat cancer therefore you should see a doctor should the condition ceases to heal.

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