Pain on right side of stomach

July 23, 2013

Pain of the body should never be ignored. There are always causes that leads to such pains and if not cured at the right time, it may prove to be dangerous to your life. However, the most common of all the pains is the pain on the ride side of the stomach.

How will one recognize the area as right side of the stomach? It is simple. Try to imagine a line drawn cutting your upper body vertically in two parts which goes down to the belly button and still down to the genitalia portion. The right side of this cut section is  stomach. There are many causes which can cause the right side of the stomach to pain. It can vary from the most normal constipation or trapped gases in the stomach to severe and rigorous causes such as ectopic pregnancy and appendicitis. Not all of the causes and pain are life threatening diseases. However, if one is suffering from a continuous pain since days or months at the same place of the stomach, then he surely has to visit the doctor for further medical treatments.

right side stomach pain

The right side of the stomach has many organs and important structures of the body. Also, the pain caused here can be the root cause of many diseases. The organs included in this section is the gallbladder, right kidney, appendix, liver and few parts of the intestines. In addition to this, the body of a woman have fallopian tubes and right ovary at the right side of the stomach. Important structures such as the ureters that gets drained from the kidney, the blood vessels and also the skin that covers the entire place on the outer part remains in the right .

There are many minor causes also that leads to sharp stomach pain in right side. Trapped internal air gases, present in the intestine, causes discomfort in the stomach making it ache. Indigestion is also one of the factors that leads in stomach ache. A small muscle pull pains the entire right side of the abdomen. One may think a small cut, may be deeper, as an intense stomach pain. Such pains are harmless and can be treated with few doses of medication.

As women have 1-2 organs more in that place, they have more causes to worry for a single stomach ache at the right side of it. The ovulation that occurs at the right side may be the reason for the pain. If not this then problems like ruptured ovary, ectopic pregnancy or an cyst inside or outside the ovary can cause the pain. The pain does not last than a day. One can feel a small twist or twinge that leads this pain, but gradually fades away. However, if one experiences long duration pain or an ache that gives a stabbing sensation, she must seek medical advice and start the advised medical treatment as soon as possible.

The most common of all the treatments is appendicitis. It is one of the sever causes that is suffered by maximum crowd. This pain of appendicitis is felt below the line of the belly button, at the lower side of the stomach. It gives pain to the person for several long days. Day by day the intensity of hurt goes on increasing. The symptoms for this cause can be nausea, fever, chills, loss of appetite.

There are many precautions to avoid right side of stomach pain.

The first and the foremost thing that needs to be carried out is to always have a healthy diet without consuming any junk food. A well-balanced diet is all that a body needs every day. Nowadays, people are relying more on fast food they are getting on the side roads. This tends them to suffer from multiple diseases and hence, eventually they are seen landing on the beds of the hospitals. Hence, it is always necessary to take care of their health first and then do the remaining tasks. One should not have any kind of and any amount of diet. It should be consumed only as much you need. Also, the food must not have much of spicy or oily ingredients in it. Excessive intake of spicy food can boost stomach disorders and it should be mostly avoided during night time. The best prevention to prevent oneself from every kind of disorder is to have ample amount of water. Our body dehydrates with the amount of work we do. To hydrate it again, one should not drink just to quench his thirst but at least a liter or one and a half liter of water is recommended. Due to the fast paced world, people get up early in the morning, get freshened up and head to their work place. On the way, they plan to get some fast food and fill their stomach. This is the major reason for the stomach to twist and pain. Lack of exercise is also the major cause for such painful stomach. You just have to spend 15-20 minutes for exercising their body. If this is done regularly, they will not have to suffer from any disorders or pains. Hitting the gym or exercising regularly even at home is really precious for maintaining good health.

A warm bath or a heating pad can prove to be the easiest and most effective remedies for right side of the stomach pain. Intestinal gases or constipation can be lessened by supplements of fiber or laxatives, after only being prescribed by the doctor. Stomach acid or acidity can also cause the right side of the abdomen to pain. You can have bland foods such as crackers or bread to reduce it to some extent. The one herb that is helping to cure the stomach pain easily is ginger. Sometimes, your pain of the stomach is due to internal flu. This will get out of the body along with the toxins that are bothering you through diarrhea or vomiting.

The above mentioned precautions and remedies may leave you without any disorders. However, if you are following it and still can find stomach ache or pain in the right side of the abdomen, you have to consult a doctor as soon as possible. One should never avoid such pains and must take all the precautions and remedies to cure it at the soonest.

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