Sharp Pain In Lower Back When Bending Over

May 26, 2013

If you have experienced a sharp pain in lower back when bending over then there could be a number of causes for this pain. It is important that you see a medical professional so that you get the correct treatment for your pain. Some of the causes of lower back pain when you bend are having an injury in that area, it could also be a slipped disc, a trapped nerve that gets pulled when you bend so that you experience a sharp pain, poor posture can also contribute to a sharp pain as the lower back may be under strain and also if you strain your lower back muscles as a result of lifting heavy things you may also be in pain.

Other reasons why you may experience sharp lower back pain is when the muscles in the lumbar area are tight or imbalanced, as a result of an increase in weight such as in pregnant women, it may be as a result of a disease such as bone cancer or the sharp pain may be due to a genetic condition or as a result of aging. If the pain spreads to other areas of the body such as your bottom or you are in pain even when you are not bending or it gets worse, then it is best to go see a physician as it may be a symptom of a more serious medical issue. This is especially for cases such as kidney stones, as a result of arthritis, cancer or an infection. A medical professional will be able to correctly diagnose the cause of your back pain and outline the correct treatment.

Sharp Pain In Lower Back

It is important that you see a doctor so that if you are suffering from a medical condition that you are treated as soon as possible. This is especially for conditions such as arthritis and a slipped disc as you will often feel a sharp pain when you bend or twist. The right medication will help relieve the symptoms. Some of the ways you can relieve the sharp pain is to stretch and exercise gently so that your muscles are looser and more flexible. This will prevent the kind of pain that is caused by muscles that have tightened. Exercise will also increase blood flow to the lower back so that you feel better.

If you have injured or strained your lower back, the pain will subside over time especially if your stretch lightly and you avoid strenuous activities. If you have lower back pain as a result of an infection or a medical condition, you may feel better soon after you start taking medication for the condition.

To avoid a sharp pain in lower back when bending over, it is important to avoid straining your back, pick heavy things from a squatting position so that you do not over exert the back muscles. Stand straight and have a good posture, exercise and stretch regularly for your muscles to remain flexible which reduces the chances of injuring yourself and also do exercises that strengthen your core and back.

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