Can a yeast infection cause lower back pain?

June 2, 2013

Can a yeast infection cause lower back pain? The answer would be yes, but there are other implications why one would feel back pain when having yeast infection. When one experiences lower back pain during a yeast infection, that might be a sign that a certain fungus exists in your digestive tract and is feeding on it.

To have fungus feeding in your vagina may just be one symptom of a possible infection that thrives in your body as a whole. The reason why one may feel some back pain during a yeast and fungus infection is that, a part of your intestines are found near the lower area of your back. Fungus feeding in the intestines near your lower back is what causes the pain. This fungus feeds on the walls of the digestive tract.

What’s sad is that when you eat, you’re also feeding the fungus. This is because the fungus is in your intestines. Because of the existence of the fungus, the food that you take in becomes fermented. So, instead of gaining nutrients through the food that you eat, you lose nutrients in the process. When your body loses valuable nutrients, this will weaken your immune system.

What are the common symptoms of a possible fungal activity in your intestines? Gas and bloating are two of the most common. The feeding of the fungus on the walls of the digestive tract will cause perforation. Consequently, the toxins coming from the yeast will soon enter the bloodstream. This may be the beginning of other more damaging symptoms, like depression, mood swings, and pain in the joints and muscles. What you thought was a simple yeast infection may turn out to be something more disturbing for your health.

Is yeast necessarily a bad thing when you have this in your body? The answer would be no. What happens is that when the yeast in your body mutates into a fungus, the simple existence of the yeast will turn into an infection. When this is triggered by something, it is more likely that your body won’t be able to control the yeast. For most women, they think that when they have treated a yeast infection in the vagina, they’re good. What they don’t know is that, the possible yeast infection in the intestines remain untreated. The approach in treating a simple yeast infection should be more holistic.

yeast infection cause lower back pain

So what can you do then to combat the yeast infection not just in the vagina, but in the intestines as well? The most effective means is to cure the infection by strengthening the natural defenses of the body. Your body’s natural defenses is weakened through the use of certain prescribed drugs, like antibiotics and of course, a poor diet. These would usually create an environment in your body that caters favorably to fungus and yeast. A change in diet and a healthier lifestyle will certainly help in reversing the damage.

What can you do to eliminate the yeast infection in your body, and eventually eliminate the pain in your lower back? Visit a qualified physician who will look into your condition more closely. There are already certain medications or supplements that will combat yeast infection, not just in your vagina, but also in your intestines. Moreover, once you and your doctor have found a way to treat your infection, focus on living a healthier lifestyle.

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